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Al Roth's Game Theory, Experimental Economics, and Market Design Page

 Oyun teorisi üzerine çalışan, oyun teorisini merak edip hakkında daha fazla şey öğrenmek isteyen ekonomist meslektaşlarımızın ve konuya ilgi duyan herkesin yararlanabileceği güzel bir kaynak.

I am the George Gund Professor of Economics and Business Administration in the Department of Economics at Harvard University and in the Harvard Business School.
My research is in game theory, experimental economics, and market design (for which game theory, experimentation, and computation are complementary tools).
Here is my Spring 2010 course is Experimental Economics (Ec 2040/HBS 4160).
Here is my Fall 2010 Market Design course (supplemented by a Market Design Blog). We also have an occasional seminar on matching and market design. [Updated 8/16/10: .]
The Behavioral and Experimental Economics Workshop (Tuesday Seminar) [Updated 1/28/10]
Job market candidates: Two versatile experimenters this year, a computer scientist, and a matching theorist/market designer: 

Follow the link above for more on Judd Kessler and Andreas Fuster, Sven Seuken and Scott Kominers [Updated 10/2/10] 
You can scroll through this page, or use the links in the table of contents. (Also, many of my papers and books can be found in downloadable format in chronological order, rather than by topic (including my previously out of print 1979 book Axiomatic Models of Bargaining.)

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