22 Ocak 2011 Cumartesi

EU and Turkey avoid last ditch Cypriot talks

Andrew Duff          The Financial Times

The European Union and Turkey are about to make a huge mistake. Next week, in Geneva, probably the last meeting of Greek and Turkish Cypriot leaders will take place, aimed at reconciling their many differences. There will be no breakthrough. Guilty by dissociation, neither the EU nor Turkey will be in Geneva. Greek Cypriot elections in May and Turkish elections in June are unlikely to improve prospects for a settlement. With the end of hopes for a deal on Cyprus goes Turkey’s prospects of joining the EU.

Turkey’s formal accession process, begun amid much wrangling in 2005, stalled in 2010. Few EU governments are enthusiastic about Turkish membership, and those that are, like the British, are suspected by their partners of wanting to expand the size of the Union only in order to weaken it.


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