8 Ocak 2011 Cumartesi

France joins nuclear competition in Turkey

Hurriyet Daily News and Economic Review

France is interested in building a nuclear power plant in Turkey and talks are being held with the country, Turkey's minister of energy said Friday.

“We have been considering the applications and have already established three separate teams working on France, Japan and Russia,” Energy Minister Taner Yıldız told reporters in Ankara.

French companies such as Areva, GDF and EDF have proposals on the issue, though the government has preferred to talk with Japan, Yıldız said, adding that the talks are going "in a very positive direction.”

The government does not foresee a new price increase in the near future for natural gas or electricity, Yıldız said. Noting the global volatility in prices of oil and natural gas, Yıldız said crude oil traded at nearly $75 per barrel a year ago, whereas today it trades at around $95.

Saying there is no political intervention on energy prices in Turkey, Yıldız said complaints about over-taxation should be directed to the relevant ministers.

On another note, the minister said no payment would be made to Iran within the context of “buy or pay” natural gas deals. However, some payment will be made to Russia due to “buy or pay” agreements in place, he said.


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