29 Aralık 2010 Çarşamba

Obama may have to re-nominate his Ankara pick

The US president may bypass the Senate and unilaterally install Frank Ricciardone as ambassador to Ankara prior to the Senate’s return from recess Jan. 3, because a re-nomination in a newly convened Senate could be too time-consuming, sources say. The US has not had an ambassador in Ankara for the more than five months since previous envoy James Jeffrey left the Turkish capital in July to become US ambassador to Baghdad.

United States President Barack Obama may have to re-nominate his ambassadorial pick for Ankara, Frank Ricciardone, whose appointment is yet to be confirmed, when the U.S. Senate sits next week, multiple U.S. and Turkish sources have said.

Alternatively, Obama may employ a rarely exercised authority to bypass the Senate and unilaterally install Ricciardone as U.S. ambassador in Ankara while the Senate remains on vacation until Jan. 3, they told Hurriyet Daily News & Economic Review late Monday.

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