7 Mayıs 2013 Salı

Iran's non-oil exports to reach $59 billion


Iran's non-oil exports will reach $59 billion in the current calendar year, which ends March 20, 2014, the Deputy Director of the Trade Promotion Organization of Iran, Kioumars Fathollah Kermanshahi said on Monday.
The announced figure is based on the Fifth Five-Year Economic Development Plan, the IRNA News Agency quoted Kermanshahi as saying.

He went on to note that technical and engineering services will account for $18 billion of the mentioned amount.

According to the director of Trade Promotion Organization of Iran, Hamid Safdel, Iran's total non-oil exports stood at $50 billion in the previous year.

Iran had non-oil trade with 196 countries in the mentioned period.

The country's balance of trade with 97 countries such the United Arab Emirates, South Korea, Switzerland, turkey, and China was negative in previous year, the ISNA News Agency reported on March 6.

Tehran's balance was also positive with 99 countries, including Iraq, Afghanistan, India, Turkmenistan, and Pakistan.

Source: http://en.trend.az/capital/business/2148098.html

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